1 Corinthians: Outlines


For the Love of Christ: the Truth about Spiritual Wisdom and Giftedness back to top
  • Spiritual Wisdom is Essentially Circumscribed by Jesus' Work on the Cross (1:17-30)
  • Spiritual Wisdom is Radically Distinct from the Wisdom of This Age (2:1-16)
  • Spiritual Wisdom is not Confined by Talk, but Demonstrated in Power (4:20)
  • Spiritual Wisdom is Focused on the Lordship of Christ (12:3Ff.)
  • Spiritual Wisdom is Established on a Foundational Understanding of Christ's Resurrection (15:1-32)

For the Love of God: the Truth about Loving Worship back to top
  • Loving Worship will not Provoke God's Jealousy (10:14-22)
  • Loving Worship will Seek God's Glory by not Causing our Brother to Stumble (10:31-33)
  • Loving Worship will Involve a Proper Sign and Understanding of "Headship" (11:3-16)
  • Loving Worship will Involve a Proper Heart Attitude toward God and Other Believers (11:23-32)
  • Loving Worship will Involve Self-Examination (11:32)
  • Loving Worship is not Self-Seeking, but Oriented toward Edification of the Body (14:2-21;26)
  • Loving Worship will Impact Believers and Unbelievers (14:22-25)
  • Loving Worship will Involve Decency, Orderliness, and Proper Mutual Respect (14:26-40)
  • Loving Worship is Modeled by Christ Himself, Who Presents Everything to his Father (15:24-28)

The Supremacy of Christian Love back to top
  • The Purity of Love in Motive and Practice (5:5-13; 6:11)
  • The Supremacy of Love over Knowledge (8:1-13)
  • The Necessity of Love for the Christian (13:1-3; 16:22)
  • The Essence of Christian Love (13:4-7)
  • The Eternality of Christian Love (13:8-13)
  • The Basis of Christian Love is the Resurrection of Christ (15:58)

For the Love of the Church: the Truth about the Holy Community, God's Temple back to top
  • The Holy Community is Granted Spiritual Gifts for the Sake of Edification (1:7-9; 12:4-11)
  • The Holy Community is Given Everyone, from Apostles down, as Servants and Models (3:5;4:1-7)
  • The Holy Community is Built by Works Which will be Tested by Fire and Rewarded (3:5-15)
  • The Holy Community is God's Temple Where He Lives by his Spirit (3:16-23)
  • The Holy Community, as God's Purchased Temple, must be Vigilently Guarded against Evil (6:9-20)
  • The Holy Community is God is a Unified Body with Various Divinely Differentiated Parts (12:1-31)
  • The Holy Community is Patterned after the Resurrection Body of Believers (15:35-56)

For the Love of One Another: the Truth about Saints in the Body of Christ back to top
  • Saints are not Chosen by God on the Basis of their own Position or Merit (1:28,29)
  • Saints Motives and Actions are Subject to a Judgement by God, not by Self Or Others (4:1-5)
  • Saints Marriages Should be Modeled after the Faithfulness of Christ in Christian Love (7:1-40)
  • Saints' Earthly Relationships are Secondary to their Spiritual Relationship with Christ (7:17-24;29-31)
  • Saints should Learn from the Examples of the Holy Community and Avoid Temptation (10:1-13)
  • Saints' Freedom is Balanced by their Involvement with and Devotion to the Body (10:23-30)


Corinthian Community: Boasting about the Spiritual Nature of their Carnal Entrapments back to top
  • Community Quarrells (1:10-12; 3:1-4)
  • Community Arrogance (4:8-13;18,19)
  • Community Immorality (5:1ff.)
  • Community Lawsuits (6:1-8)
  • Community Irreverence and Greed (11:17-22)
  • Community Demonism and Spiritism (12:2,3)
  • Community Eschatological Nihilism (15:12)

Corinthian Community: Boasting about God's Gracious Gifts as if Self-Produced back to top
  • God called the Corinthians into fellowship - He is faithful (1:9)
  • Not Many Corinthians were Wise, Influential, or of Noble Birth (1:26)
  • It is Because of God that They are in Christ Jesus (1:30)
  • If Paul's and Apollos' ministries were gifts from God, how could Corinthians Boast of Unique Wisdom? (4:6,7)
  • Some of the Corinthians had Fallen into Each of the Wicked Categories before They were Sanctified (6:11)

Corinthian Community: Urged to Imitate Paul's Behavior and to be Generous and Respectful back to top
  • Paul Sees Himself as the Corithians' Father in Christ (4:15)
  • Paul urges the Corinthians to Imitate Him (4:16)
  • Paul, as Father, Sends Timothy, his Faithful Son in the Lord, to Remind of his Way of Life (4:17)
  • Paul calls the Corinthians to Imitate his Example (11:1)
  • Paul Instructs the Corinthians regarding the Collection for the Saints (16:1-4)
  • Corinthians Admonished to be Men of Courage, Faith and Power, and to Do All in Love (16:13,14)
  • Corinthians Admonished to Submit to and Honor Stephanus' Household, Initial Converts (16:15,16)

Corinthian Community: Spiritual Potential in Spite of Problems back to top
  • Corinthians Enriched in Every Way - in Speaking and knowledge (1:5-7)
  • Corinthians Eagerly Await Christ to be Revealed (1:8)
  • Corinthians Remembered Paul's Teachings and Held to Them (11:2)
  • The Corinthians are Encouraged to Desire Spiritual Gifts, Following the Way of Love (14:1)
  • The Corinthians have Taken their Stand on the Gospel (15:1)


The Confident Spiritual Man back to top
  • The Mature Man with a Message of Wisdom (2:6-16)
  • The Holy Redeemed Man, the Pure Temple of God (6:19,20)
  • The Fruitful Man with Measurable Ministry Success (9:1,2)
  • The Powerful Man, Provided for in the Midst of Temptation (10:13)
  • The Humble Man, Worthy to be Imitated by Other Believers (11:1)
  • The Pious Man Who Recieves the Body of the Lord with Reverence (11:27-32)

The Precarious Carnal Man back to top
  • The Carnal Man cannot Understand Spiritual Things (2:14)
  • The Arrogant Man Ignorant of his Actual Status (3:18-21)
  • The Immoral Man Sins against his own Body (6:18)
  • The Proud Man on the Verge of a Tumble (10:12)
  • The Unholy Man in Danger of Judgment (11:30-32)
  • The Childish Man Missing the Importance of Spiritual Gifts (14:20,21)

The Pauline Model of Service and Ministry back to top
  • His Simple Message: the Cross of Christ (1:14-17)
  • His Simple Message: the Holy Spirit (2:2-5)
  • His Simple Message: the Resurrection (15:1ff.)
  • Focused Ministry as a Master Builder (3:10ff.)
  • Focused Ministry as a Single Saint (7:7)
  • Focused Ministry as a Disciplined Runner (9:24-27)
  • Proper Motivation: not to Shame Them but to Warn Them (4:14)
  • Proper Motivation: not to Make a Passing, Painful Visit (4:19-21; 16:7)
  • Proper Motivation: not to Leave the Church Ignorant (12:1)
  • Sacrificial Method: Relinquishing his Rights for the Sake of the Gospel (8:8-13; 9:3-22)
  • Sacrificial Method: Seeking Those Things Which will not Harm Others (10:23-33)
  • Sacrifical Method: Seeking Those Things Which Edify the Church (12:7-14:4ff.)


Two Kingdoms Presently in Conflict back to top
  • Gospel is Foolish to Those Who are Perishing, Power of God to Those Who are Being Ssaved. (1:18)
  • Wisdom and power of This World Contrasted with Wisdom and Power of God and Saints (1:20-2:16)
  • Saints will Judge the World and Angels, Wicked will not Inherit the Kingdom of God (6:2-9)
  • Your Body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit Who Lives in You (6:19)
  • The Fathers in Israel were Examples to Us on Whom the Fullness of the Ages has Come (10:11)
  • Paul does not Want the Corinthians to be Participants with Demons, the Earth is the Lord's (10:20,26)
  • The Corinthians had been Led Astray and Influenced by Mute Idols (12:2)
  • Without Resurrection, Faith and Preaching are Futile, and We are to be Pitied above All Men (15:12-23)
  • The Son Hands the Kingdom over to the Father once He has Conquered Every Enemy (15:24)
  • He must Reign until He has Destroyed Every Enemy, the Last Enemy to be Destroyed is Death (15:25,26)

The Reality of Resurrection back to top
  • God will Raise Us with the Power with Which He Raised Jesus (6:14)
  • The Resurrection Body Compared to Seed - Plant Metaphor (15:35-41)
  • The Resurrection Body is Imperishible, Incorruptible, Immortal, and Spiritual (15:42-44)
  • The Resurrection Body will be in the Image of the Glorified Christ (15:45-49)
  • We will All be Changed at the Final Trumpet (15:53-57)
  • Death will be Swallowed Up in Victory (15:54)

Living in the Present back to top
  • Corinthians Presently Enriched with All Spiritual Gifts in Christ (1:5-7)
  • Corinthians to be Kept Blameless to the End by God Who is Faithful (1:8,9)
  • God has Revealed his Mind to Us by His Spirit (2:10)
  • The Church has the Mind of Christ (2:16)
  • The Church is God's Temple, in which God's Spirit Lives (3:16)
  • All Apostles, the World, Life and Death, Present and Future - All Belong to the Church (3:22)
  • Already You have All You Want! Apostles Treated as Scum of the Earth. (4:8-13)
  • Christ, the Passover Lamb, has been Sacrificed - Celebrate Feast of Unleavened Bread (5:6-8)
  • Each One should Retain the Position in Life He Had when Called by the Lord (7:17-24)
  • Time is Short, and the World in its Present Form is Passing Away (7:29-31)
  • An Idol is Nothing at All in the World, and There is no God but One (8:4)
  • Reaping a Material Harvest is Due Those Who Sow Spiritually (9:11,14)
  • Paul Beats his Body into Subjection in Order to Make Sure He Attains to the Prize (9:27)
  • The Lord's Supper is the Remembrance of his Death until He Comes (11:24-26)
  • Now We See a Poor Reflection as in a Dark Glass, then We will Know as We are Known (13:12)
  • Faith, Hope, and Love Remain - and the Greatest of These is Love (13:13)
  • Paul's Calling and Zeal are Meaningless without a Resurrection from the Dead (15:29-32)
  • Resurrection is the Source of the Christian's Hope (15:58)

The coming Judgement Seat of Christ back to top
  • Each will be Rewarded According to his own Labor (3:8; 14)
  • The Lord will Judge All at the Appointed Time when He Comes (4:5)
  • The Work of Each Man is to be Tested by Fire (3:13)