Recommended Links


Bible Gateway
Search the Bible in nine Languages and multiple Bible versions. Online at Gospel Communications Network.

World Wide Study Bible
Online Bible at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Click on a book and find commentaries, sermons, articles, etc. Click on a chapter and find Bible versions, more commentaries, sermons, and other helpful resources.

Ministry of the Word Online Study Bible
Hebrew Old Testament, several Greek New Testaments, and various English translations.

Blue Letter Bible A great online interlinear Bible. Each verse is linked to various commentaries and to the Treasurey of Scripture Knowledge.

Faithlife Study Bible
Works with several popular Bible translations. Continually updated with new study notes, maps, and media.

New English Translation
Free for use both online and offline. Includes thousands and thousands of helpful translation notes.

Geneva Study Bible
Online at Bible Study Tools on GOSHEN.

Internet Christian Library
Many Bibles in many languages. This site also has books, journals, commentaries, and other great resources. Check out especially the link pages under the subheadings Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet and Guide to Early Church Documents on the Internet.

Bible Research
Greek and Hebrew Bibles, select texts from historical English translations and ancient documents (e.g., the Muratorian Fragment), articles on ancient versions.
Online Bible designed for use by the visually impaired. Multiple translations available.


Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Contains works by hundreds of authors, including Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, Edwards, Kuyper, Owen, and Whitefield. Here you will also find such works as the 38-volume Ante- and Post-Nicene Early Church Fathers, and Schaff’s 8-volume History of the Christian Church.

David – The Illustrated Novel
A reliable and inspiring representation of the story of David as taken from 1&2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 1&2 Chronicles, and Psalms.

Internet Christian Library
This site has books, journals, commentaries, Bibles and other great resources. Check out especially the link pages under the subheadings Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet and Guide to Early Church Documents on the Internet. Many of the linked resources reside onsite.

The Internet Sacred Text Archive
Sacred texts from many, many religions. A gold mine for comparative religious studies.

The Internet Public Library
Around 24,000 books, articles, and other resources online.

The On-Line Books Page
Over 9,000 texts online.

New Advent
A Roman Catholic page providing The Catholic Encyclopedia (not yet complete, but they are working on it) and The Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas. Obviously not Reformed, but a great resource.

Wesley Center for Applied Theology
Not the least bit Reformed, but it contains many valuable resources such as writings of The Church Fathers (including The Didache), Noncanonical works (such as the Old and New Testament Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha), The Works of Flavius Josephus, and the Nag Hammadi Library. It also provides links to many online Bibles (including Greek and Hebrew texts), Biblical Studies resources, language tools, archeological pages, and many writings of historical significance.

The Ecole Initiative
A Hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History. This site has a vast index of articles, English translations of Judaeo-Christian and Islamic primary sources, and Christian art on the web.

The Internet Classics Archive
441 Searchable works of classical literature.

Perseus Project
A searchable and interactive digital library of ancient Greek literature and English translations thereof.

The Labrynth
An online library of medieval literature in multiple languages.

Naphtali Press Books Online
Many works by Puritan authors.

Blue Letter Bible
This site contains the complete Matthew Henry Commentary, Calvin’s commentary on Genesis, and a couple commentary series by non-Reformed authors. It also has online audio, video, and text libraries.

IVP New Testament Commentaries
Full text from

I.C.E. Free Books
Institute for Christian Economics site offering 85 free books and over 800 articles online. Mostly theonomic, Christian reconstructionist, and postmillennial materials.

Matthew Henry Commentary
Concise commentary on the whole Bible.

PCA Book of Church Order
An online version of the PCA BCO with hyperlinks to related articles and works.


Biblical Perspectives Magazine (BPM)
Thirdmill's free weekly magazine. Articles are written primarily by seminary professors, ministers and other seminary graduates, and seminary students. Past issues are archived on the website according to issue date and topic.

The Scholars Press Consortium
Scholars Press, Society of Biblical Literature, and other sites. Don’t miss the electronic journals at the Center for Electronic Resources in Theology and Religion. Be forewarned: not all scholarly material is Evangelical.

Internet Christian Library
This site has books, journals, commentaries, Bibles and other great resources. Check out especially the link pages under the subheadings Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet and Guide to Early Church Documents on the Internet. Many of the linked resources reside onsite.

The Oriental Institute
Many ancient Near Eastern resources online, especially in the Abzu section.

Modern Reformation Magazine
Archived out-of-print issues of Modern Reformation at Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Also check out their Publications and Articles.

Credenda/Agenda Magazine
Reformed, counter-cultural, bi-monthly theological magazine. Current issue and all back issues are available online.

Protestant Reformed Theological Journal
A semi-annual publication of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America. Their site also contains quite a number of other articles, pamplets, publications and sermons.

Christian History Magazine
Weekly online magazine with searchable archives.

Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
Many articles under various theological topics, all from a Reformed perspective.

Grace Online Library
Topically categorized writings from many mainstays of historic Baptist, Reformed and Puritan thought. Plus various writings by newer authors.

Christian Research & Evangelism
Articles and links on various topics primarily related to apologetics and systematic theology. Reformed Baptist.

Bible Research
Greek and Hebrew Bibles, select texts from historical English translations and ancient documents (e.g., the Muratorian Fragment), articles on ancient versions.


Reformed Sermons
Thousands of audio sermons and lectures in a variety of MP3 and RealMedia encoding rates. Audio files are indexed by speaker, series, and subject.

Sermon Central
Over 40,000 full text sermons and sermon outlines, all indexed and searchable by text, topic, keyword, author, denomination, or audience age. Site also includes illustrations, dramas and PowerPoint slides.
Thousands of free, streaming MP3 sermons. Indexed by Bible text, topic, speaker and date. Some Reformed, many not.

Atlantic Coast Communications
Hundreds of free, streaming RealAudio sermons. Indexed by Bible text and speaker. Many Reformed.

Sermon Links
Links to sermons, outlines, devotions, and articles. No real quality control, but numerous entries.

Faith for Living
Archives of sermons broadcast on radio and television by Michael A. Milton, Ph.D.; Chancellor/CEO Elect; Interim President, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte North Carolina; Director, the Chaplain Ministries Institute.


Songs for Saplings
Free catechism songs that teach biblical truth in ways that are easy to memorize.

Reformed Answers
Answers to biblical, theological and historical questions submitted by users.

Thirdmill Reformed Seminary
Free video seminary courses by Thirdmill.

The Ecole Chronology Project
The Ecole Initiative‘s interactive historical and geographical model of events, persons, places, and other material pertinent to early Church history.

Biblical Art on the WWW
Collection of many artistic representions of scenes from the Bible, categorized by subject, text, artist, and keywords.

History Chart
Interactive church history timeline at Olive Tree Bible Software.

Blueletter Bible Map Illustrations
Maps, charts, and images.

Biblical Art
Searchable collection of classical and other Christian art indexed by subject, text and artist.

Into Thy Word Ministries
Conducts weekly chat-based online Bible studies from a Reformed perspective.

Encyclopaedia Britannica’s internet guide. Britannica editors classify, rate, review and index thousands of websites.

Link Lists

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies
Incredibly helpful link list for scholarly resources. Compiled by Torrey Seland, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Volda College in Norway. This site provides links to Bibles, commentaries, critical studies, historic writings, history, language tools, bibliographies, software, and much, much more.

The New Testament Gateway
directory of internet resources related to the New Testament. Large, up-to-date, searchable, and user-friendly. Features annotated links on subjects such as the Greek New Testament, textual criticism, Jesus, Paul, the early church, women and gender, art, and others. Maintained by Dr. Mark Goodacre at the University of Birmingham.

Fides Quaerens Internetum (The Christian Theology Page)
A hub for locating serious Christian theological activity on the Internet.

Phil Johnson’s Bookmarks
Phil’s award-wining site catalogues, describes, and rates hundreds of sites offering theological, apologetic, counseling, biblical studies, and other resources from Phil’s own (Reformed) perspective.

Alcuin Library/Clemens Library Internet Theology Resources
Quite a number of good links. Be sure to look for the Ancient Near Eastern resources peppered throughout the Scripture section. A few good resources also on their Books, Media, Reserves and journals and Newspapers pages.

Janey’s Bible Research Page
Lots of good links to resources. Not as extensive or scholarly as the link sites listed above, but very helpful and manageable for most laypeople.

Sola Gratia Ministries
Sola Gratia Ministries exists to (1) spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to a lost world (Matt 28:19; Lk 24:47), (2) provide a ready resource for those who feel a burden to study God in a deep and personal way in order to come to a more mature understanding of the things of God (Eph 4:14-15; Titus 2:1; Heb 5:12-14), and to (3) provide a ready defense of the historic orthodox Christian faith (1 Pet 3:15).
Classic Articles and Resources of the Historic Christian Faith.

Friends of Thirdmill

Reformed Theological Seminary
Birthplace of Third Millennium Ministries.

Covenant Theological Seminary
The national seminary of the Presbyterian Church in America.

Covenant College
The liberal arts college of the Presbyterian Church in America.

Presbyterian Church in America
Official site.

Anglican Mission in America
Official site.

Westminster Theological Seminary
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Westminster Seminary California
Escondido, California.

Presbyterian Theological Centre
The theological college of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

Miami International Seminary
Miami, Florida.

Key Life Network
Featuring the teaching of Dr. Steve Brown.

A Reformed Christian ministry to the Jewish people.

Renewing Your Mind Online
The website of Ligonier Ministries and R.C. Sproul.

Impact Television Network
Broadcasting Russian television in the U.S., Europe and Russia.