God's Immutability Explained

What is God's immutability?

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By immutability we mean that God is not mutable. We mean that God does not change, that his immutability is a reference to his unchanging nature, his unchanging character. He is always loving. He is always merciful. He is always holy. He is always just. Immutability is sometimes misunderstood to deny that God changes in his way of dealing with people, that there is a static way that God relates to people, but when the Scripture talks about us in Ephesians being "by nature children of wrath," but now, because of the redemptive work of Christ, we are God's friends, we are in a relationship with him — is in no way to undermine that God does not change in who he is, but he does change, by virtue of his own action on our behalf, change in his relationship to us.

Answer by Dr. Glenn R. Kreider

Dr. Glenn Kreider is a Professor of Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.