The Completeness of Spiritual Gift Lists in Scripture

Can the Spirit give spiritual gifts that are not in the lists of gifts found in Scripture?

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There's a question of whether the Holy Spirit is free to give gifts or do things perhaps that we don't read about in Scripture, and I think the first answer has got to be, of course, that the Holy Spirit is free to do what he wants. He is the Lord. But I think it's probably a good bet that we have a fairly complete roster of the gifts, the types of things that the Holy Spirit bestows, and the fruit, the types of things that the Holy Spirit wants to cultivate. The Holy Spirit is doing that. We can resist it or we can cooperate with it, and we all do both to some degree or other at different times. The gifts I'd liken more to a toolbox; they help get the work of the kingdom done.

Answer by Dr. Jeffrey J. Niehaus

Dr. Jeffrey J. Niehaus is Professor of Old Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.