Which persons of the Trinity are involved in our salvation?

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One question is, which persons of the Trinity are involved in our salvation? The good news is all of them. It's very clear that the Son is vital and integral to our salvation as the one who died on our behalf and rose to give us new life as well. But also remember that it was the Father who so loved the world that he gave his Son. And there's a sense in which the mission of God in our salvation originates in the heart, the Father's heart, and is implemented through the ready obedience of the Son. And yet, there's a role that remains for the Holy Spirit who comes to bring to bear in our own lives the merits and achievements of Christ. He is the one who takes what Christ has achieved and glues it, in a sense, to us, unites us to Christ, makes that link so that what Christ has done becomes ours and ever after becomes God with us, the one who guides us through the journey, the pilgrim's progress to the celestial city, renewing us into conformity to the image of Christ. Each of the three are vital. And I think it's important in conclusion just to note that the task of salvation is not one that was, in a sense, carved up into three distinct job descriptions and one assigned to each of the three members of the Trinity. This is a time to remember as Christians the unity of God and that the salvation we enjoy is the salvation that our one true God has provided for us.

Answer by Dr. Glen Scorgie

Dr. Glen Scorgie is Professor of Theology at Bethel Seminary in San Diego