Dr. Glen Scorgie

Glen Scorgie, a Canadian, has been professor of theology at Bethel Seminary in San Diego since 1996. Dr. Scorgie joined Bethel Seminarys faculty after serving as academic vice president of North American Baptist College in Edmonton, Alberta. He is a past president of the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association whose writings include A Call for Continuity: The Theological Contribution of James Orr; (co-editor) The Challenge of Bible Translation (2003); The Journey Back to Eden: Restoring the Creators Design for Women and Men; and A Little Guide to Christian Spirituality. His research interests include gender, ecology, a theologically informed approach to Christian spirituality, and Christianitys global mission. He has lectured in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong, and the Peoples Republic of China. Presently he assists in the ministries of a Chinese church in San Diego.

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