How does God's moral law in Scripture reveal his character?

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How do we come from the Law to the character of God? The center of Christian ethics is God himself. We have a theocentric ethics. He reveals the good. Micah 6:8 is very important. There Micah says the prophet that God has given reveals the good. And so, he is the center, his personality is the center. First of all, the word "law" is a problem. The Latin lex —"law"— has a very static idea of something that is unchangeable, that is not moving while God is interacting with us and with his people through the Scriptures. So, it is not a static thing. Torah means "direction." It's referring to the directions of God. God gives us directions, and that's why we have to read the Law always together with the narrative aspect of the Bible. Read the stories and try to understand from the stories how the Law is applied and what does that tell us about who God in fact is

Answer by Dr. Patrick Nullens

Dr. Patrick Nullens is Professor of Systematic Theology and Ethics and Rector of the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Leuven, Belgium.