Five Major Redemptive Events in the New Testament

What are the five major redemptive events concerning Jesus' earthly life and return?

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When we think about Jesus' return to earth, we have to look at some other events that will precede his return. I love how my pastor friend, who's actually my pastor, Harry Reeder, talks about five big days of redemption, five days that play in redemptive history. Number one of those days is Jesus had to be born, he had to come to earth, which is the incarnation. The second one is the crucifixion. Think how often we talk about the cross. The third day was the resurrection where Jesus not only went to the cross but he was raised from the dead. The fourth day is where Jesus ascends into heaven. Of course the Holy Spirit comes after that, and we think, what's the fifth day going to be? The fifth day, the fifth big event that's going to happen is the second coming of Christ. Why is Christ going to come? There are a number of reasons. First of all, because he promised he would. He promised he would come a second time, and we trust the Scriptures. Also, when Jesus comes back, he's going to make all things right. What has been messed up by sin, what has been messed up in the past, Christ will make right by his return. It's a great thing to look forward to in expectation of when Christ will come and when that will happen.

Answer by Rev. George Shamblin

Rev. George Shamblin is a professor at Birmingham Theological Seminary.