Divine Foreknowledge and Predetermination

What is divine foreknowledge?

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In the New Testament we come across different words that will describe what God does in the future as we know it. One of those words is "foreknowledge." There's no question whatsoever that God foreknows everything that's going to happen in the future. He's not bound by the bookends of time as we know it. So God definitely foreknows the future because he's already there. Not only does God foreknow, the Scripture is going to tell us in Ephesians chapter 1, that God predestines, we could even say predetermines things that happen in the future. So foreknowledge, the New Testament absolutely talks about, but it's taken a step further. Not only does he foreknow, but he predetermines, predestines everything that will happen.

Answer by Rev. George Shamblin

Rev. George Shamblin is a professor at Birmingham Theological Seminary.