What are the benefits of general revelation for theology, and in particular, the doctrine of God?

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I think general revelation is a really important theological concept, number one, because it's the one thing that cannot be denied. We all live in this world; Christian or not, we're all living in the world God created. Now whether or not a non-Christian acknowledges that is another story. But in creation, in what we say general revelation, what we see around us, we see a lot about who God is just by looking at the creation. We see that we have a powerful God in the fact that he has created planets and stars and the moon. We have a God that has an eye for beauty and that things that are of a beautiful nature matter to him. We see that in animals, in trees, in a sunset. We see the majesty of God in a lion. We see the character of who he is everywhere we look. Now, this can be very important, especially from an evangelistic point of view, because we need a starting point somewhere, and general revelation gives us that starting point. We know certain things about the world we live in and therefore the God who created that world by simply looking around us.

Answer by Rev. Ric Rodeheaver

Dr. Ric Rodeheaver is Senior Pastor of Christ Community Church in Laguna Hills, California.