In what ways did the author of Hebrews affirm the continuing validity of the Old Covenant for his readers?

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The author to the Hebrews affirms the continued validity of the old covenant in a number of ways. There are a lot of quotations from the Old Testament, all of which point forward, of course, beyond themselves, but in a sense to fulfill and to bring to complete fruition the promises that are made there. So, in particular in chapter eight, for example, the quotation from-- the promise for the new covenant is given in a context in which there's an anticipation of looking forward, that actually the things that had been hoped for are now fulfilled in the coming of Christ.

Answer by Rev. Dr. Simon Vibert

Rev. Dr. Simon Vibert is Senior Pastor of Christ Church Virginia Water, England, and the former Vice Principal and Director of the School of Preaching at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.