What are the main ways we can come to know God?

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When we come to the issue of knowing God, we don't have to go too far because God's knowledge is in the footprint of creation. Scientists are still trying to wonder the way human body is put together, the way the nature is put together, the universe is put together. They force themselves to deny that there's an external supreme being, but that's one way. But it's not just limited to that. God gave us a specific revelation in the form of the Bible, and right from Genesis 1:1 all the way to Revelation, he explained to us how we can know him; not only know him, how we can have personal relationship with him. And it is an inner consciousness that God has created that if you want to not believe in God, you have to fight to come up with the ways that there is no God. But even a child, you know, a six-month-old kid does something wrong and you can see that on their face that I've done something wrong. Why does he feel that way? Because it is the imprint of God upon our conscience about right and wrong. So, one is Romans chapter 1:20 says it's in general revelation. Just look around, you'll see the evidence of God. But it's more than that. It is special revelation in the written form in the Bible.

Answer by Dr. Sukhwant H. Bhatia

Dr. Sukhwant Bhatia is Principal & Professor of Biblical Studies & Pastoral Theology at the North India Institute for Theological Studies.