Why do the Scriptures call God our Father?

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Scriptures call God our Father I think, first of all, because the God who created the world and the God who redeemed Israel is the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. And so, all language about God being Father in Scripture ultimately goes back to that reality. But it also teaches us that, through Christ, who his Father is the God of Israel, through Christ we too become sons and daughters of the God of Israel and the God who is creator. So, for instance, Adam is called the son of God, Israel, the people, are called a son of God, and of course, while these are sons of God by grace, so to speak, Christ is the Son of God by nature. But in all these cases, the fatherly relation that God has with his creatures is always modeled on the father-son relation that exists between God the Father and Jesus Christ.

Answer by Dr. Don Collett

Dr. Don Collett is Assistant Professor of Old Testament at Trinity School of Ministry