Social Justice and Mission

Should missionaries be involved in promoting social justice?

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It's very important that mission programs promote social justice. Historically, missionaries that came to us from other countries did not participate in social causes, in justice causes. They were afraid of being thrown out of the country; they did not know how they would be received and so, they did not teach the church in a natural way that Christians need to participate in acts of justice, in acts that bring real justice to the people and even more so, to advocate for those suffering from injustice. Nowadays, however, in different churches and different countries of the world, we can do things completely differently. We should use discernment to see how the gospel calls us to represent the poor, to speak for those who don't have a voice, to take seriously the causes for justice that are at the center of God's own heart.

Answer by Dr. Saul Cruz

Dr. Saul Cruz (1954-2014) was founder of Armonia in Mexico City