God is In Control

What is the main message of the book of Revelation?

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The book of Revelation is a very complicated book, 22 chapters that people find very difficult to understand. But the main message of it could be summarized, firstly, that God is in control. So, it's written to be a real encouragement to people who are struggling, perhaps suffering for their faith, and need to lift up their eyes, and believe that God really is in control, that behind human history is not total chaos, but God, the sovereign Lord, is there. That's probably the first and overriding message. But second is the whole theme of Jesus Christ, who shares in the sovereignty of God, and who, himself, is the one who is to be worshiped and adored. So, it's very strong on its doctrine of how we are to worship Christ, the Lamb who is seated on the throne. And so, there's not just a vision of God being in control, but that Jesus is the Lord, and that Jesus is in control. Jesus is Lord. Beyond that, I think there's the understanding that, then, just Jesus is going to take human history somewhere beautiful, somewhere strong, and it's going to work out okay for those who believe in him. So, I think the baseline of Revelation is one of encouragement: God's in control, Jesus is Lord, and this same Jesus is taking human history to a place which is going to be worth getting to.

Answer by Dr. Peter Walker

Rev. Dr. Peter Walker is the Assistant Dean for Great Britain and Europe at The Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies. Dr. Walker was the Professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity School for Ministry, outside Pittsburgh, PA.