There are past, present and future aspects to our redemption. Each one of these aspects impacts our lives in significant ways, and each one deserves a response from us. So, how should we respond to the redemption we've received in Christ?

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Well, I think, the cross of Jesus Christ takes us to a holiness, and we can understand that holiness as, we'll be holy forever. "We will be like him." What does that mean now? It means we want to be like him now. When Jesus says, "Follow me," he says, come be like me. The Holy Spirit is sent on so that we can be holy. The Holy Bible is so that we can be holy as he is holy. So, this is what I want to do. I want to say, Lord, here's my money. Can you make my use of money holy? Here's my sexuality. Can you make my sexuality holy? I want to take stuff like my relationships, my anger. I want to take my irritation with the people at work, and I just want to give it to him and say, Lord, could you touch that? Sanctify it. Sanctify it entirely so I can be like you. I want to do that with all of my life. And insomuch as we can love him with all, we've done a good thing. Remember, Jesus said, love me with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength. Now, you either believe that that all is possible, or you don't. But I want to come from the understanding of Scripture that it is possible now.

Answer by Dr. Matt Friedeman

Dr. Matt Friedeman is Professor of Evangelism and Christian Education at Wesley Biblical Seminary.