How and why will humanity's redemption impact the rest of creation?

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Humanity's redemption has a strong impact on the world, as it exists now, and as it will exist in the future. Because humanity is the only part of creation that bears the image of God, we can say from one point of view that humanity is in the world, but we can also say that the world is in humanity. When humanity fell, the world also fell. And when God restores humanity from the Fall, the world will also be delivered. We are the world in miniature. We are also the world's kings. God gave us the whole world, commanding us to manage the earth. Thus, humanity isn't just one of many creatures, but we are the crown of creation. In this way, humanity's redemption is the key aspect of the destiny of the entire world.

Answer by Dr. Stephen Chan

Dr. Stephen Chan is the Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Seattle University