Humanity's Four-Fold State

Would we have been better off if humanity had never fallen into sin?

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Humanity's state is better than before, because before the Fall, we were in a neutral state: able to sin, able not to sin. After the Fall, we became unable to stop sinning; everything we do is tainted by sin. But now that humanity has been redeemed, our original abilities have been restored, as in Eden, so that we are again able not to sin. We also have God's special grace. The Holy Spirit comes to be with us, so that we become sensitive to sin, and have a passionate hope for spiritual things. And we have the true word of the Bible as our guide. When our redemption is complete, we will reach the perfect position of no longer being bound by sin. At that time, we will be completely sanctified, completely holy. We will still be created beings, but we will completely obey God and worship him. That is a glorified state, far better than that of Adam and Eve.

Answer by Dr. Stephen Chan

Dr. Stephen Chan is the Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Seattle University