Everything Depends on God's Grace

Were people saved in different ways at different times throughout history?

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Many would think that, in the Old Testament, people were saved by obedience, by work, by doing. And many would think that, in the New Testament, this has been changed, that people are saved by grace, by faith. But I think that this is a misunderstanding of how God showed his mercy and his salvation to mankind. My understanding is that it is God's grace, in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, that saved people. So, in the Old Testament, people were saved by faith. And the New Testament, people were also saved by God's grace. It is God's grace, which is the foundation for God's forgiveness, for God's everlasting-life, and for God's blessings. Everything depends on God's grace.

Answer by Dr. Riad Kassis

Dr. Riad Kassis is International Director of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education.