How can we remain emotionally engaged with the text of Scripture when we make it an object of academic study?

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We ought to love, cherish, delight in Scripture. I read at least one paragraph every day out of Psalm 119, and over and over again the psalmist is saying, "How I delight in your law, how I love your precepts." And to kind of catch that fire for Scripture, I think, is an exceedingly important thing. You know, the Jews were known as "the people of the book." Oh, that we could become the people of the book. But we march beyond the book to what the book is trying to tell us to do and the things the book is trying to tell us to love: love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbor as you love yourself. Very important things, but we need a passion for this book.

Answer by Dr. Matt Friedeman

Dr. Matt Friedeman is Professor of Evangelism and Christian Education at Wesley Biblical Seminary.