Seth Starkey

Seth was born and raised in Greenville, SC. He is an only child, a life long Clemson fan, and misses his football playing days for a few weeks every fall. He attended Newberry College in Newberry, SC receiving a B.S. in Business Administration. After graduation, he began summer Greek and 3 ½ years later completed his Mdiv. from Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte. Seth is married to Laura Lee, who hails from Knoxville, TN (her grandfather is a Mississippi State grad). He and Laura Lee have 3 amazing children who bring joy and excitement to everyone they meet. Prior to his time at Grace, Seth served as assistant pastor at Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC, RUF campus minister at Belhaven University in Jackson, MS, and associate pastor at Madison Heights Church in Madison, MS.

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God is at Work

By: Seth Starkey

Isaiah 6:1-9

Volume 23, Number 14 (3/28/2021, to 4/3/2021)

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Topics: ProphetsGodMissions

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