Rev. D. Patrick Ramsey

Rev. D. Patrick Ramsey is Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church (OPC) in London, KY.

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Why Celebrate Christmas?

By: Rev. D. Patrick Ramsey

Three Reasons to Rejoice in the Birth of Jesus

Volume 11, Number 51 (December 20, 2009, to December 26, 2009)

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Topics: Salvation

The Anchor of Assurance

By: Rev. D. Patrick Ramsey

A Sermon on Romans 8:31-39

Volume 12, Number 48 (November 28, 2010, to December 4, 2010)

Formats: WebpageWordPDF

Topics: GodSalvation

The Desire of Our Lord

By: Rev. D. Patrick Ramsey

A Sermon on John 17:24-26

Volume 8, Number 7 (February 12, 2006, to February 18, 2006)

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Topics: Gospels and Acts

Is the Bible Ambiguous about Homosexuality?

By: Rev. D. Patrick Ramsey

Volume 7, Number 32 (August 7, 2005, to August 13, 2005)

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Topics: ManEthics

Rejoice in the Lord

By: Rev. D. Patrick Ramsey

Volume 11, Number 28 (July 12, 2009, to July 18, 2009)

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Topics: Prophets

Run, Christian, Run!

By: Rev. D. Patrick Ramsey

Volume 9, Number 32 (August 5, 2007, to August 11, 2007)

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Topics: Ethics

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