Dr. Mike Milton

Dr. Mike Milton Michael A. Milton (Ph.D., University of Wales, Trinity Saint David's), Presbyterian minister, author, educator, musician. Presently James H. Ragsdale Professor of Missions and Evangelism, Erskine Theological Seminary and Director and Senior Teaching Fellow, at the C.S. Lewis Institute of Charlotte. Dr. Milton is the President of the D. James Kennedy Institute for Reformed Leadership and a Minister at Trinity Chapel Charlotte Presbyterian Church.

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In Jesus Name I Pray

By: Dr. Mike Milton

Exclusivity in Public Prayer—And The Restrictive Contours Of Civic Pluralism—In The Early Twenty-First Century—

Volume 14, Number 5 (1/29/2012, to 2/4/2012)

Format: Webpage

Topics: GodManChristian Living

The Once and Future Calvin

By: Dr. Mike Milton

Volume 11, Number 31 (8/2/2009, to 8/8/2009)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Reformation

Will You Join the Refrain?

By: Dr. Mike Milton

Worship and the Sevenfold Voice of Almighty God in Psalm 29

Volume 20, Number 7 (2/11/2018, to 2/17/2018)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Poetry and Wisdom

David as Shepherd

By: Dr. Mike Milton

Psalm 23

Volume 13, Number 39 (9/25/2011, to 10/1/2011)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Poetry and WisdomChristian LivingSalt and Light

Preaching on Mission

By: Dr. Mike Milton

Matthew 4:12-17

Volume 14, Number 28 (7/8/2012, to 7/14/2012)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Gospels and ActsMissionsEvangelism

A Singing Faith

By: Dr. Mike Milton

The Reformation and Music

Volume 14, Number 1 (1/1/2012, to 1/7/2012)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Christian LivingSalt and Light

A Romans 13 Exposition

By: Dr. Mike Milton

Church and State

Volume 12, Number 16 (4/18/2010, to 4/24/2010)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Philosophy

The Sacred Cycle of Ministry

By: Dr. Mike Milton

Volume 12, Number 42 (10/17/2010, to 10/23/2010)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Gospels and Acts

Look and Live

By: Dr. Mike Milton

Numbers 21:4-9; Ephesians 2:1-10

Volume 20, Number 20 (5/13/2018, to 5/19/2018)

Format: Webpage

Topics: PentateuchPauline Epistles

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