Johannes G. Vos

Johannes G Vos (1903-1983) taught at Geneva College, USA, from 1954-1973. Before that, he served as a missionary in Manchuria for 11 years. During the Second World War he sustained injuries inflicted by the Japanese soldiers occupying China. In 1941, he was expelled by the Japanese. His continued interest in mission work in China culminated in co-founding the Reformation Translation Fellowship which translates, publishes and distributes classic works of the Reformed tradition for the Chinese Church. He founded the journal Blue Banner Faith and Life in 1946. Due to ill-health, the publication of the journal came to an end in 1979

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The Bible Doctrine of the Separated Life

By: Johannes G. Vos

Volume 10, Number 20 (5/11/2008, to 5/17/2008)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Philosophy

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