Charles Simeon

Charles Simeon (September 24, 1759 November 18, 1836) attended Kings College at Cambridge at the age of 19. At the age of twenty-three he was ordained Deacon, and next year a Priest. In 1782 Simeon was made Minister of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Cambridge. He served there for 54 years. Though he was a devout and faithful Anglican, Simeon's love for fellow-Christians extended beyond the borders of his denomination. He was a man of prayer and eminent in holiness. The righteousness of Christ prevailed in him; the conversations of heaven pleased him beyond words. Charles Simeon continued faithfully to preach the word until his death in 1836. He died at the age of 77

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The Holy of Holies

By: Charles Simeon

A Type of Heaven

Volume 13, Number 7 (2/13/2011, to 2/19/2011)

Format: Webpage

Topics: SalvationApologeticsPhilosophy

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