2003 Hall of Frame

Apologetics Award 2003
A dialog by Chuck Colson
Sex and Values
An Apologetic dialog by Michael Fourth
Communicating the Authority of Scripture in a Postmodern Enviroment
A paper on communicating the authority of Scripture emphasizing the existential perspective by Jonathan Gundlach
Jesus' Sacrifice
A dialog by Ra McLaughlin
The Word of God
A dialog by Omar Ortiz
The Important Questions
A dialog by Cary Smith
Presuppositions and Rational Belief
An Apologetic dialog by Keith Welton
Epistemology Award 2003
Words and the World: Reflections on the Possibility of Hermeneutical Realism
A Paper on Epistemology by Joshua Appel
Christian Reflections on the Phenomenological Epistemology of Maurice Merleau-Ponty
A Paper on Epistemology by Michael Fourth
Aesthetic Perspectivalism and the Nature of Art: Two Proposals
A Paper on Aesthetics by Robert Kemp