Audio Resources by Thirdmill

Sermons and Lectures

Thirdmill maintains a library of 10446 sermons and lectures by a wide variety of Evangelical pastors and seminary professors. These audio files are fully searchable, and can be browsed by speaker, series, and topic. Most are available in multiple audio formats.

Read more about our audio sermons and lectures here.

Seminary Courses

Thirdmill's audio resources include our own seminary courses, which are the audio-only versions of our video courses. Each lesson is part of a larger course, and is accompanied by a free downloadable lesson guide. To stream or download audio lessons, simply choose the audio lesson links from the appropriate course page.

Thirdmill is not a school and does not conduct classes with students. However, we do publish courses that are used in many Bible colleges and seminaries around the world. Users of our website enjoy these same materials at not cost. We are also available to help schools and churches set up their own courses or study programs using our resources.

Read more about our seminary curriculum here.

Online Classroom

Thirdmill's online classroom is a virtual online learning management system. Accounts are free and offer access to all course content. Thirdmill does not conduct classes with students, but our online classroom is available for use and customization by schools, teachers, churches, etc. Institutions and teachers interested in using our online courses should contact


4 the World is the weekly podcast of Thirdmill, hosted by Dr. Greg Perry