How was Jesus' death on the cross related to Old Testament sacrifices?

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Well, the way Christ's death on the cross was related to the Old Testament sacrifice is all of those blood sacrifices like the lamb pointed to the fact of Jesus Christ would be the true Lamb of God. John the Baptist pointed to Jesus and said, "Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." And the Passover, which the lamb's blood was put over the doorpost of your house, that was the very day Jesus would die on. But also, when you had the temple and that innermost part of the temple was the holiest of all, and one day… the priest one day a year would take the blood of the lamb all the way into that and place it on the top of that Ark of the Covenant that had the Ten Commandments in it, and that was called the Mercy Seat. Then the people… he would come out and tell the people their sins were forgiven. He would confess their sins over the lamb and then take the lamb's blood in. But also, the day that Jesus died on the cross, when he died, that veil that separated that innermost part of the temple was rent in twain, and that pointed to the fact that now Jesus has died and we don't have to offer any more lambs; The Lamb has died, and we don't need to offer any more lambs.

Answer by Dr. Frank Barker

Dr. Frank M. Barker, Jr., was Pastor Emeritus at Briarwood Presbyterian Church and a founder of Birmingham Theological Seminary where he served as head of the Old Testament Department. He passed away in 2021.