What are the major points of agreement between all Christians regarding the return of Christ?

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You know, Christians who believe the Bible are all over the map when it comes to eschatology. You've got people that are premill, postmill, amill, you've got people that are pretrib, midtrib, posttrib, partial rapture, prewrath rapture, so they're looking at things radically differently. And yet, all of those who believe the Bible can agree on these things: We all believe that Jesus Christ is coming again historically, visibly and bodily. He is coming to separate believers from unbelievers. Believers will be in his presence forever with glorified bodies, the ravages of sin completely eradicated and done away with. Unbelievers, tragically, will face a final judgment. The Bible calls it the great white throne in Revelation chapter 20 verse 11 through 15. They will be judged for their rejection of Christ and the evil work that they've done and then confined forever in a place called hell, the lake of fire. So, no matter where you are in terms of your eschatological details, all of us agree he's coming again, he'll separate believers from unbelievers, believers will be with him forever in the new heavens and the new earth, unbelievers tragically will be separated from him forever in a place called the lake of fire, a place called hell.

Answer by Dr. Danny Akin