Jesus' Resurrection

What kinds of blessings do believers receive as a result of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead?

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When we think about Jesus' resurrection and the blessings that it brings to us as believers, those blessings are almost too many to list, but let's start with a few. In Acts 2:33, Peter says the gift of the Holy Spirit is one of the chief blessings that we have because of Jesus' resurrection. It's only when Jesus is raised from the dead, exalted to heaven, and sits on the throne of his father David at God's right hand that he's able to pour out the Holy Spirit on us. Now, as a result, we have access to the same life-giving power that brought Jesus back from the dead. The power of the Spirit raised Jesus, the power of the Spirit is living in us and helping us, as Paul says in Romans 8, to put to death the misdeeds of the body. So we have the Spirit and we have the Spirit's power spiritually in our lives today to battle sin. Ultimately, we're going to have the Spirit's power to transform our bodies, raise us from the dead, and wipe away every tear, take away all sickness, all disease. The sting of death will be removed forever. So, we have that promise for the future, and in the present the blessing of knowing that we have victory over death. That gives us hope as we grieve when we lose loved ones. It gives us hope as we face our own death. It gives us certainty that the body will go where the head has gone. If Jesus, the head, has gone into resurrection life, then we too will be raised from the dead, and we will share in the glory that he enjoys right now. Jesus has perfect intimacy with his Father through the power of the Holy Spirit. He can never again be tempted to sin, he can never be wounded, he can never become ill, he can never again be afflicted by death in any way, and that's the hope that we have. All of those things we have now as future expectation, one day we will enjoy them in their fullness as Jesus raises us from the dead.

Answer by Dr. Jimmy Agan

Dr. Jimmy Agan is Associate Professor of New Testament and Director of Homiletics at Covenant Theological Seminary.