How will the creation experience God's redemption?

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When the Fall happened, we know that it affected humanity; humans sinned and they reaped the repercussions of their sin. But Scripture also talks about how that sin has infiltrated all of God's creation. In Romans 8 Paul says that creation too is groaning, anticipating the day that God's redemption will come. And so, I think we get a picture of what that redemption will look like several places in the New Testament. I think preeminently of Revelation 21 and 22, also Peter 3 that talk about a new heavens and anew earth. God will not eliminate the world, he will renew it. Now, that may come through the purging of fire and difficult trials, but all creation, the New Testament seems to indicate, will be renewed. And so, that means for us right now we need to be good stewards of what God has given us, because it won’t be destroyed and eliminated, it will be renewed. And that is the hope, not just of humanity but of all of God's creation.

Answer by Dr. Amy L. Peeler