Inaugurated Eschatology in the New Testament

What is inaugurated eschatology?

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Eschatology in general refers to the study theological understanding of the final destination of humanity and the world. So, theologians often think about three different kinds of eschatology. We can talk about realized eschatology, which would be the idea that eschatological teachings in the New Testament don't really refer to future events, that they've been fully accomplished in Jesus Christ already. Sometimes theologians talk about future eschatology, which of course then would suggest all these events are referring to future events. Many people, however, talk about inaugurated eschatology, which is often sometimes described as the "already/not yet" tension. This means that there are some aspects of the kingdom of God that we experience now and which Jesus ushered in when he first came, but that there are other aspects of the kingdom of God that we will not fully experience until Jesus returns.

Answer by Dr. Dana M. Harris