New Testament Eschatology

How does the New Testament speak of eschatology as the overlap of two ages?

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The writers of the New Testament had the perspective that "this age" would be followed by "the age to come," so they had to make an adjustment. They maintained their firm belief and commitment that Jesus was the awaited Messiah who would bring the end of this age and would introduce the new age, or the age to come. However, we read in the New Testament that Jesus came, but he did not bring the eschaton in the way they expected. The enemies of God's people were not destroyed, and the awaited blessings of God's people, spoken of by the prophets, didn't arrive in the expected abundance. So the New Testament writers had to make adjustments. So, we believe that while this age is still present, it is coming to its end, and the coming age is already here. So, we see an overlap between the two ages, which is known as the "already but not yet" in many of the writings about New Testament eschatology.

Answer by Dr. David Correa

Dr. David Correa is an associate Professor at San Pablo Theological Seminary in Merida, Mexico and the Director of Next Institute Mexico. He also serves as Pastor of Presbyterian Iglesia Jesus in Progreso.