Grammatico-Historical Exegesis

What do we mean by grammatico-historical exegesis?

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By grammatico-historical exegesis we mean, first, that we have to know the language of the text. We mean many things by the language — the grammar, the words used and their meanings, the syntax of the sentences, and the genre of the text, whether poetry, prose, or narrative. We have to understand the genre of the text. Second, the historical context or the historical meaning of the text. This means that we have to understand when the text was written, what is before and after it, what the historical events that it points to are, what the historical events that occurred before and after it are. The grammatico-historical exegesis gives the real meaning of the text.

Answer by Mr. Sherif Atef Fahim

Mr. Sherif Atef Fahim teaches at Alexandria School of Theology in Egypt.