Natural Stability after the Flood

If God promised natural stability in his covenant with Noah, why do we still experience so many natural disasters?

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Well, God did make a promise that seedtime and harvest and the rains would come and all of that to Noah, but in the background of that story, what had just happened was, he had flooded the earth. He had destroyed the earth with water so that nothing was left alive except for those that were in the ark and the animals with them. And so, the promise specifically was that he would not destroy the world with a flood… We do have regular seasons; we don't have a worldwide catastrophe like what had happened in Noah's day. But I think it's important that we understand that there is a connection between the earth and men who live upon it. The earth was put under dominion of mankind, and because of it, the earth feels the weight — as it says in Isaiah — of our sin… And of course, the Bible does talk about the lifting of the curse on the earth, doesn't it? Both in the Old Testament prophets it talks about a day when the deserts would blossom and bloom, and Paul reaffirms this in Romans 8, and he talks about the creation itself, as it were, on tiptoes waiting for the revelation of the sons of God, when the curse will be lifted from the earth. And so, we live in this era when the ground is still cursed, and I think it's interesting to know that, or understand that Jesus wore a crown of thorns because he bears the curse that was upon the earth, and when things are made right in the regeneration, that curse will be lifted from the earth and deserts will all blossom. And that's a day to look forward to.

Answer by Pastor Doug McConnell

Pastor Doug McConnell is the main preaching pastor of Living Hope Church in Grantsburg, WI.