Consequences of the Fall

Why did humanity's fall into sin have such terrible consequences for humanity and creation?

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When God created the heavens and the earth, we learn from the creation accounts in Genesis, after he created all that we see and humanity, he decreed that it was good. But he was saying there, one of the things God is saying, is that which he created perfectly reflects his will in his creation, and that which reflects God's will reflects God himself. And so, at that point in creation before the Fall you see humanity exists in perfect relationship with God Almighty. Humanity obeyed the word of God. Humanity did — Adam and Eve did — that which God had called them to do. Yet, after the Fall, when Adam and Eve decided at that point that they no longer wanted to be subservient, so to speak, or obedient to the will of God, they decided they wanted to be God themselves. And as such, what happened after the Fall is that relationship, that perfect reflection of God in his image, was destroyed — not completely, but it was marred to the point that no longer could even creation enjoy this relationship with Almighty God in view of humanity's willingness to turn their back on this relationship and become gods of their own. And this speaks, of course, of the necessity and the need for a reconciler between God and man, one who would come and renew the image of God that was spoiled in the Fall.

Answer by Dr. Jay Haley