False Doctrines

Why does the New Testament speak so strongly against teaching false doctrines?

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The New Testament speaks very strongly about teaching false doctrine simply because God wants his people to understand the difference between truth and error. For instance, you have in 1 John chapter 4 John explaining the difference between the spirit of truth versus the spirit of error. And all throughout the New Testament practically every book of the New Testament has something to say about false teachers, false prophecies, false prophets, and whenever you find that, it typically is surrounding the person and work of Christ, who he is and what he did on the cross. So, if the New Testament gives that much evidence of speaking so strongly about false doctrines, it's apparently very important from God to his people that we understand the difference between truth and error.

Answer by Rev. Clete Hux

Rev. Clete Hux is Director and Counter-Cult Apologist at Apologetics Resource Center in Birmingham, AL.