The Extent of the Land God Gave Israel

Why was it important for Joshua and Israel to recognize the extent of the lands God had given to them as an inheritance?

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It was very important for the nation of Israel to realize that the land they received was the land that was the fulfillment of God's promise. It was not land that they had obtained on their own just because they wanted it or because they had fought for it. It was given by God. Before they even knew about the existence of that land, the Lord had promised it to Abraham. That was a lasting promise to his descendants, and now they were the ones who were inheriting that promise. And this is what Joshua kept telling them. He reminded them continually that this was the land that had already been promised to their ancestors, and now they were receiving it… And that promise of the land didn't stop at the nation of Israel alone, but it's also given to Abraham's descendants, even in the church today, to us, to you and me who believe in the Lord. Through Jesus we will receive that promised inheritance — an eternal salvation that is unconditional in nature, which God has given to us, to each person who confesses that they believe — because we are the descendants of Abraham, the father of everyone who believes