What do we mean when we say that the writers of Scripture were inspired by the Holy Spirit?

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When we speak about the inspiration of Scripture by the Holy Spirit, what we're primarily referring to is that Scripture is a product of divine activity, primarily, and so inspiration has to do with the product being produced through the very working of God. Now, this doesn't mean that God in producing Scripture in its various forms and genres, that God is overriding the natural human abilities and capacities and language, etc., of these human authors, but what it does mean is that the primary person moving in the creation of Scripture is God himself. Now, God's moving is not in contradiction to the moving, so to speak, of the human authors, but there is what we would call a "confluence," a coming together of divine and human activity, so that what the very human authors wanted to say, and in fact did say, are the very things that God in fact moved them to want to say, so to speak. This doesn't mean that these writers were robots or that God completely sort of extracted their minds. It just means that God is able to, through the want and desires and language and abilities of humans, to say exactly what he wants to say. And so, the inspiration of Scripture has to do with God as the author of Scripture through human authors, and truly human authors.

Answer by Dr. Uche Anizor