Spiritual Gifts for All Believers

Why is it important to know that the Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to all believers?

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It is the Holy Spirit who gives the gifts to all believers, and it's important for us to know that it is the Holy Spirit who is the provider, who is the giver. And as a giver he gives to anyone and to everyone according to his will and purpose, so that we have nothing to brag about. If you are a good preacher, you are a good preacher because it's a gift of the Holy Spirit, and therefore, it is not of us. Therefore, we would not be able to boast about whatever it is that we do in the church because it's a gift, is a free gift. We don't have to even begin to ask for it. I know that some people would want to say, "Oh, give me this gift or that gift." If your father or your mother goes to the market and brings you a gift, you don't solicit over it. It is he or she who decided what to bring to you. The same way the Holy Spirit is the provider, is the giver of all the spiritual gifts to the church.

Answer by Prof. Mumo Kisau

Prof. Mumo Kisau is a professor at Scott Christian University in Kenya.