Effects of Sin on our Minds, Behavior and Emotions

How has sin affected our minds, behavior and emotions?

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In the garden, before man fell into sin, God created humanity to perfectly reflect his own glory, his own nature. And so, in that state Adam and Eve were able to engage in a relationship with Almighty God in a way that truly reflected his glory. They thought the things that God would have them to think. They thought in terms of God himself and the things that God would have them to do. They did the things that perfectly reflected the law of God and the will of God. They strove to do things that pleased him. And their emotional state, so to speak, their emotions were always reflected upon Almighty God. They wanted to do everything, if you will, in a way that brought glory to his name, and they demonstrated that before the Fall. After the Fall, however, we see a devastating effect on how we function as human beings, and so no longer was our mind, or is our mind steadfast on thinking about the things of God and yearning to do the things of God. That which once was filled with light now has become filled with darkness. No longer now in our behavior, the things that we do, do we naturally seek to do the will of God; rather now, that which we formerly did that perfectly conformed to the law of God struggles to do the things which bring glory to his name. And emotionally even, that which formerly in the garden before the Fall was pure and operated in perfect unity with the living God, now is chaotic and subject to all manner of swayings and deceptions. This is what happens or are the effects of sin in the life of anyone. And it again speaks to the fact that we needed a Redeemer, someone who can come and renew this image that had been destroyed by sin.

Answer by Dr. Jay Haley