How was God's benevolence toward humanity expressed in Adam's day?

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One passage in Scripture that I don't think gets enough attention are the first two chapters, and then at times we try to make too much of the first two chapters. But the first two chapters really do reveal the nature of God and our place as humans in his creation, so much so that Psalm 8 reflects back on that and says, "What is man, or what is mankind, what is humanity that you think of him? Or the son of man that each of us, that you visit us? You made us a little lower than God." But going back to the first couple of chapters of Scripture we see that God created everything, and in the first chapter, the creation account that's in the first chapter, humanity is the crowning touch. He builds each day some part of creation: the first three days he gives it form, and the next three days he fills it, and the crowning touch � what makes his creation not just good but very good � is humanity. In the second chapter we see God creates everything, including a garden and places us right in the center of it, so he is so good to us and provides everything that we need. And then we get to Genesis chapter 3. That's where the problems come in when we do our own thing. But God's creation, his original creation, and his heart, even now, is for our good. He is such a loving and good God.

Answer by Dr. Rick Boyd