Why did God plan to redeem sinners before Adam sinned?

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God, in the beginning of the world, in the beginning of creation, he had already planned what to do with man. Just like, for example, when somebody is making a machine, he provides technical know-how of how to fix it in case it gets broken. Therefore, in his eternal purposes and eternal will, who readied it and prepared in case man fell, because he already told him don't do it, don't do this, because where there is "don't" there is a possibility of doing, and therefore God already planned on what to do in case man sinned. And therefore that's what we read in the Bible that he already saved the seed of a woman who would be the one to crush the serpent, would be the one to crush sin. And this when it says the seed of a woman, he referred to the birth of Jesus Christ, as we know it in the Christmas story. And this is God's plan from eternity past.

Answer by Prof. Mumo Kisau

Prof. Mumo Kisau is a professor at Scott Christian University in Kenya.