The Impact of Adam's Sin

How did Adam's sin impact the rest of creation?

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What the effect of Adam's sin was if fundamentally to open the door for evil. Their sin let evil into the world, and as a result of that, everything is infected by evil, everything is undermined by evil, and in particular, the purposes of God are derailed by evil. So, it affects humanity, our bodies, our minds. It affects the very fabric of creation so that it is subject, as Romans 8 says, to frustration, longing for its own restoration. And of course, relationally it affects our relationships with one another as humans, but most significantly, our relationship with God. And so, evil becomes the problem that needs to be solved. And while it just took one act of disobedience to open the door for evil, it's a little bit like unscrambling an egg. It's a big just to undermine evil which has seeped in so deeply into the created order. That's why the act of Adam and Eve's sin takes just a few lines in the Bible, but the act of undoing it takes well over a thousand pages.

Answer by Dr. Tim Foster

Dr. Tim Foster is Vice Principal at Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia.