What are some theological implications of rejecting the historicity of Adam and Eve?

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I think to reject the historicity of Adam and Eve has huge implications for what we believe that Jesus Christ came to do. So, if Adam and Eve were simple myths or a story that was made up, there was no real historical Adam and Eve, it would seem really foolish of God to come and die for a myth that never actually existed, and I think, by default, would be undermining also the historicity of Jesus Christ, because when you read the apostle Paul for example, he always like to use the metaphor that all died in Adam, that the new Adam, who is Jesus Christ, gives us life. So, if Adam never really existed, should I trust the new Adam?

Answer by Dr. Vuyani Sindo

Dr. Vuyani Sindo is a lecturer at George Whitefield College in Capetown, South Africa.