Why did God create humanity?

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When we look at Genesis chapter 1 and we ask why was humanity created? what we see is that they were created for a very specific function. As God's image bearers, they were given the task of ruling over and subduing creation and within that, multiplying and filling the earth to carry out that role for caring for God's world, if you will. So, when you think of why were humans created, we need to remember that we were created to care for and, if you will, even develop from what God has initially placed upon this earth. One thing that I see students come up with a lot and even during my church ministry is they struggle with what does it look like to serve God? Should I leave my job doing computer science or should I stop being a businessman because maybe I should go into full-time ministry where I can preach God's Word. Now, there's a value to ordained teaching ministry, but Genesis 1 reminds us that there is something extremely important that God cares deeply about when his people are engaged with all of God's creation and are serving as his image bearers, they're representing him, reflecting him and allowing creation to flourish, and within that humankind to flourish as well as they carry out this call to care for God's world.

Answer by Andrew Abernethy, Ph.D.

Dr. Andrew Abernethy is Professor of Old Testament and Director of M.A. in Biblical Exegesis at Wheaton College.