How will the creation experience God's redemption?

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You know, so often people think that what Jesus Christ did was that he came to save my soul, that somehow my soul will just kind of be beamed up out of here. But the Scripture teaches something much bigger than that. What the Scripture teaches is that God made his creation good, that the Fall has distorted all of the creation, but that Christ's redemption applies to the whole thing. So, Colossians 1 teaches that Jesus Christ is the creator and sustainer, but ultimately the reconciler of all things; he's making all things new. Romans 8 teaches that the creation itself groans, waiting to be liberated from the curse that it's been subjected to. And so what we look forward to is not just our souls being somehow transported out of here, but we look forward to a liberation of all of creation. In Revelation 21 we're told about a new heavens and a new earth in which all will be made new. Now, there's some question as to how much of this earth will make it the new heavens and new earth, and Christians can disagree on that; in fact, the Scriptures teach there are some things that are a part of this creation that will make it to the new heavens and new earth. There's other parts that probably won't make it. There's some mystery there, but what we have is a hope. It's a hope that one day all of the creation will experience of the liberation won through the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Answer by Dr. Brian T. Fikkert

Dr. Brian T. Fikkert is Professor of Economics & Community Development and President of The Chalmers Center at Covenant College.