Representing God's Rule

Why did God give humanity the cultural mandate?

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Originally in paradise, God gave man the mandate to rule over the earth and to represent him in the way they rule and use creation to give glory to his name. Now, men were corrupted by sin, but that mandate was never taken away. So when people are saved and receive a new value system to really give glory to God, they actually take up this mandate with new vigor and new strength. And according to their gifts and talents, every human being then wants to give glory to God in their daily task to make clear that they really belong to him and that he is coming to restore everything again.

Answer by Dr. P.J. Buys

Dr. P.J. (Flip) Buys is Associate International Director of the World Reformed Fellowship and Adjunct Professor of Missiology Research at Northwest University in Potchesfstroom, South Africa. He is also founder of Mukhanyo Theological College in KwaMahlangu.