Is Jesus coming back?

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Jesus is coming back. He told us in the Bible that he is coming back. We could look at his words in the upper room, we could look at the teaching of the apostles, Paul, Peter, John in the letters and particularly in the Revelation. So, it is a fact of Scripture that Jesus Christ will return at the end of the age. And that's a great hope for us because, as believers, we long to see our Savior, and when he returns, then that's when death will be removed utterly from our experience, we will be made perfectly holy in soul and body, and we will be in the company of all the saints and the holy angels in the presence of Jesus forever. So, we not only confess that Jesus is coming back, but we do so with gusto and longing.

Answer by Dr. Guy Waters

Dr. Guy Waters is the James M. Baird, Jr. Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary.