Will Israel experience a revival or restoration prior to Jesus' return?

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One of the aspects of the future that Christians wonder about is what role the nation of Israel will have in the last days. I think as you look at the Bible as a whole, we find that a lot of the prophecies that were made to Israel in the OT are being fulfilled in the church in the NT. For instance, the prophecy in Jeremiah 31 about a new covenant that God will make with the people of Israel is fulfilled according to Hebrew 8 in our experience as Christians now. And so, a lot of Christians think that that's pretty much it for Israel, that now God is fulfilling his promises to the church and there really is nothing left for Israel as a nation. Others, however, and I find myself in this number, think that in Romans 11, interpreted the way I understand it at least, there is a future for the nation of Israel. I don't think it's clear that they are promised a land or a temple, but I do think Romans 11 suggests that at about the time of Christ's return, God is going to choose to turn to Israel again and to bring to salvation in Christ many Jews who are living at that time

Answer by Dr. Douglas Moo

Dr. Douglas Moo is the Kenneth T. Wessner of New Testament at Wheaton College and Graduate School.